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Success Stories
The best way to understand.
You're probably asking yourself, "is this opportunity real? It sounds too good to be true." I've found that the easiest way to help you understand the quality of this opportunity is to provide some examples of actual deals using the strategy and contracts discussed here.

Please keep in mind that for reasons of confidentiality, I'm not able to post the names of clients here. Please contact me if you have questions. I may be able to provide more information.

Big Box Retailer

This retailer is known world-wide. Based in the United States, it is one of the largest retailers that has ever existed and has pioneered many concepts that make it the envy of its competitors.

The supply chain was managed using EDI. The EDI technology was procured at great expense. Supporting the third-party solution was costly as well.

IBM provided the retailer with new technology to replace the third-party EDI solution. The retailer enhanced it, branded it and required that suppliers purchase the application. The suppliers were happy to do so because they experienced a 30% reduction in transaction costs.

The retailer's cost center was turned into a revenue center, saving millions. The supply chain worked more effectively and a lower cost.

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